Association, Le Plaisir du Mouvement

The design of the Rugby of Movement, Total Rugby imagined by Pierre Villepreux.

 Le Plaisir du Mouvement offers rugby courses under the name of “Stage Pierre Villepreux”


LPM, it is good a mode to arrest the game which authorizes the appropriation and the extension of the real educational values of the rugby, those whom it will also be a question of reinvesting in societal life. The presence of foreign players (Italy United Kingdom, Netherlands etc.) conveying an additional wealth.

  • LPM it is to make practise the game of rugby in the largest number whatever is the level

  • LPM it is to make a commitment to make realize visible progress

  • LPM it is a high-quality, successful and available frame

  • LPM it is the user-friendliness and the seriousness.

To teach the rugby to children, it is not to teach them gestures(movements), but it is to create permanently the conditions so that the child evolves in an environment(structure by rules that he has to appropriate according to the possibilities and the his desires which are fluctuating.

It belongs then to the educator to create the conditions so that it become necessary and useful to introduce rules, not as external educational requirement decided by the adult, but as a requirement interns intended for the evolution of the child.

The essential objective is the development of the qualities of intelligence (perception) and courage (confrontation). The Rugby gives to those who practise it the opportunity to live values, that is way of being, to express himself, behave; to the limit,a philosophy of the game(set,play), even the life.

The more the difficulty is big, the more it implies(involves) the man, the more the values are essential.

In Rugby, the player is involved on the plans of the skill, the intelligence, but it is him so enormously on the emotional and physical plans, exactly because the physical implication makes multiply tenfold the intervention of the emotional.



Pierre Villepreux
Pierre Villepreux


Consulting Canal + - Ex professional player and coach

Samuel Lacombe
Samuel Lacombe


Yannick Debaisieux
Yannick Debaisieux